Brainstorm in Essay Writing

Brainstorming is an important skill that you must require it’s a prerequisite to lateral thinking that is thinking of various things simultaneously it promotes creativity and innovation V humans B V human beings tend to think sequentially therefore here I have not written like this my first thought my second thought my third thought I have written like this here the force here is the second here is the third okay I have not written them sequentially because we human beings tend to think sequentially by doing so we restrict our creativity we must therefore acquire the art of literal and non sequential thinking okay first of all this requires a good understanding of the topic dwell on the topic that you have chosen and till the time you grasp it fully okay.

Get into the shoes of the examiner and ask yourself why the particular topic has been given understand its context and concerns now start writing down any key words or phrases associated with the topic that come to your mind don’t try to channelize the flow of ideas let your thinking go wild jot down even the weirdest of the ideas keep thinking fast and don’t stop because just write like this first thought second thought third thought just won’t stop keep writing keep thinking fast and don’t get stuck up anywhere add this stage don’t classify okay random it should be random when I’m saying random and again and again for focusing on the word random because if you it it won’t be random it will hamper your creativeness and your innovativeness okay so don’t spoil your creativity random means random then it has to get sequence that is the next stage so first at the first stage keep it totally random okay so next part this one we discussed basic brainstorming next is committed brainstorming once you have jot down the poi points in a random manner then after that once you’re done with the random thoughts you have to classify and system our system.

I’ll systemize your random jottings after you have gathered sufficient number of ideas start linking your random thoughts classify in them different groups for example okay wait this is these are my random thoughts okay now I have to classify them now I feel a if these two points I can keep them under the heading one D and C I can keep them under hiding too this is how you will classify them and after classic grouping them under up under all same headings I will prioritize them how will I prioritize them I will see that yes this point I have to write first this point I have to write on the second number this point I have to write on the third number now maybe it came as a fourth in my mind but I will write it in the third manner I hope I’m not confusing you so what I am telling you that after brainstorming and random jotting the points for example could be suppose there is a topic called global peace and you have made certain points like threats to global peace meaning of global peace why peace is necessary what has been done.