Creative Risks in Essay

Creative risks that students might take anything along those lines I think for creative risks especially if you put it the beginning of the essay or at the end of the essay I mean it doesn’t always work but I think that’s a good general rule I’m like if you put it in the middle of that say that’s where the heart of the essay is and that’s where you are learning the most but if you if you decide to put a creative risk if you can somehow put it into the introductory especially the first lot the first line is really important because that’s what captures the reader and if you decide to put news like poetry poetic writing or poetic styles. Read more articles on creative risks at

If you put in the first sentence or the last sentence then that’s really strong because it is going to capture the reader or it is going to leave the reader with a certain type of impression if it is at the end yeah and I think if you are gonna do that just keep in mind to kind of tie it back to your essay and the point that you are trying to make you know don’t put a quote in there from a famous person just for the sake of inserting a quote right or you know very intellectual right but it doesn’t come just because you wanna just keep that in mind that you are doing that kind of actually breaks up the flow of what you are trying to achieve and convey yeah but I think like travel is your point um you know if you want to your first sentence is only like three words long or it is quote like someone you are something your father said to you or something you know that like it is not normally how you would start a high school essay I think that’s fine as long as you have people look it over see if it is an appropriate creative risk and take the safeguards and that there’s a than why you did it like yeah save so much about the club about having a quote.

What’s the reason behind having that quote and are we learning about you in the process I think that’s that’s gonna be important part about the whole essay that flow and the reader it is not looking for a thesis you know in school we are writing 500 essays and the end of the introductory paragraph there’s the thesis nobody’s gonna know a mission officer I don’t think I’ve been how to work in the admissions office I’ve been in college but I don’t think your guys are looking for a thesis statement you know don’t don’t be afraid to have questions unanswered as long as you uh you know really try to if it makes sense in your SAT yeah okay um see so we are approaching the end of our time now you know we’ve talked about a lot of different things today.