Irregular Form In Italian Grammar

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Irregular forms in Italian Grammar

Certain adverbs and adjectives are irregular in the comparative and the superlative form.

The most common ones can be said to be :

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Good Buono Better Migliore Best Il migliore
Bad Cattivo Worse Peggiore Worst Il peggiore
Less Meno di Lesser Minore Least Meno
Well Pozzo Better Meglio Best Il miglio
Badly Male Worse Peggio Worst Il pegio
Much Molto More Piu Most Maggiormente
Little Piccolo Less Meno Least Il meno

It is very important when framing the above to keep in mind the gender as this is an integral part of the translation.

There are some adjectives which agree with the noun whereas there are some which will not agree with them. While comparing one can visibly notice the difference between the adverbs and the adjectives, yet there are some places where the may be identical ( il meno ) etc.